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Keto protein powder is specially formulated to assist your keto diet and exercise program. Delicious enough to be used in a shake, smoothie or your own baking, Garden of Life’s Keto protein powder delivers a balanced keto ratio of fat to protein to carbs for your low-carbohydrate diet. And all our range is Non-GMO Project verified, grass-fed, and Keto Certified – so you can be sure none of our products contain more than 10% carbs. That’s Keto, made simple by Garden of Life.
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Keto Fit Keto Fit Weight Loss Shake powder is formulated with traceable, Non-GMO, Keto certified ingredients designed to assist with your Keto diet and exercise program. Keto Meal Keto Balanced Shake is our ketogenic whey protein crafted with organic grass-fed butter, free from antibiotics. Keto certified and paleo friendly to assist with your diet and exercise program. Organic MCT Powder Organic Keto protein powder created with Medium Chain Triglycerides – fats naturally found in coconut oil which are quickly ingested by our bodies and transformed into energy. Convenient Keto Certified protein powder for anyone who lives a busy lifestyle.